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Swim Best Pool Cover Cleaner - 1 qt

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Product Description


Cleans & Deodorizes Covers

Pool Cover Cleaner is composed of a mix of organic and inorganic cleaning compounds that provide lasting protection and extend the life of the pool cover or solar blanket while in storage. This product prevents unpleasant odors associated with partially wet covers in storage.


  • Cleans & Deodorizes covers in preparation for storage.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Can be used on both solar and winter covers
  • Removes stubborn stains and soils
  • Easy to apply & rinse
  • Prevents folds from sticking together when stored wet while cover is in storage
  • Can also be used to clean spa covers, plastic or canvas patio furniture, umbrellas, awnings, boat covers and other deck accessories.
  • Extends the life of the cover


  • Remove all debris and water while cover is still on pool.
  • Remove cover and spread on a smooth, flat surface.
  • Squirt Pool Cover Cleaner over the entire cover and brush it clean using a nylon bristle brush on a pool pole.
  • Rinse off loosened soils with water and remove all water from cover.
  • Fold cover, squirting Pool Cover Cleaner full strength between each fold and store folded cover in a safe dry place.
  • Remove any concentrated spills of this product from patios and lawns by flushing with water from garden hose.


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