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Star Plus Algae Out algaecide - 1 qt

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Product Description

Star Plus Algae Out copper algaecide

Star Plus Algae Out 3 month copper algaecide is a broad spectrum, long lasting algaecide highly effective on yellow, green, and black algae. Star Plus Copper Algaecide for the pool contains 10.0% copper complex. It is effective on a variety of algae types, and leaves behind residuals that keep algae from coming back.

Best of all, this copper-based algaecide has a very low risk of staining your pool - and it even improves water quality by enhancing your sanitizer efficiency! If algae is a problem in your pool, clean it up and keep it away with pool-friendly copper algaecide.

Star Plus Copper Algaecide stays active longer in the pool and provides extended treatment against mustard and other forms of algae.


  • Lasts 3 months
  • One quart treat 20,000 gallons
  • Non-staining
  • Treat blue-green, black, and mustard algae


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