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Spa Essentials Brominating Concentrate - 2 lb

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Product Description

Spa Essentials Brominating Concentrate

When you’re enjoying your spa, you’ll definitely appreciate clear, sparkling water. So, make sure your water is clean, clear, and relaxation-ready with Spa Essentials Brominating Concentrate. This spa cleaner is so effective and easy-to-use that it’s sure to become a must-have product for all your spa cleaning and maintenance needs.

How Does It Work?

What makes Spa Essentials Brominating Concentrate great is its simplicity. Don’t worry about pre-dissolving your spa cleaner or finding a second chemical for oxidizing. This concentrate does it all; just pour this granular sanitizer into your spa and let it get to work! These little granules are quick-dissolving and act as sanitizer and oxidizer for your spa water. With Spa Essentials Brominating Concentrate, you easily keep your spa clean and free from bacteria and microorganisms.

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Written by Marilyn on 15th Oct 2015

I have used this product for over 16 years and just love the way my hot tub water maintains its clarity. This is the first time I've used the spa shock Xtra and it's even better!

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