SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 - 1 gal  -  90266

SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 - 1 gal

SKU: SEA90266
Brand: SeaKlear
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Product Description

SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 - 1 gal

Removes Phosphates and Keeps Water Clear

PhosKlear 4000 is more than just a powerful phosphate remover. It combines two SeaKlear technologies, SeaKlear Phosphate Remover and SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier to quickly reduce phosphate levels and help clear pool water fast. Regular use controls phosphate levels and will leave your pool water looking beautiful and crystal clear.

SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 can be used for both treatment and weekly maintenance making it a great solution for residential pools. SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 is salt system compatible.

Directions for Use:

One quart removes 4,000 ppb of orthophosphates per 10,000 gallons of water.


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