Red Leopard Duo Brush - 60106 Red Leopard Duo Brush - 60106 Red Leopard Duo Brush - 60106 Sale
Red Leopard Duo Brush - 60106 Red Leopard Duo Brush - 60106 Red Leopard Duo Brush - 60106

Red Leopard DUO BRUSH

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Product Description

Red Leopard DUO BRUSH - The Most Effective Pool Brush in the World

It’s Big.....and Easy to use

The DUO BRUSH is big; 18 inches wide and has a fan of bristles measuring more than 4 inches front to back. This size makes it much quicker to brush a pool. But it isn’t just quicker - it’s much easier too!

It’s Strong

DUO BRUSH has a tough, stainless steel handle to cope with all the loads and pressure of cleaning a pool.

The ergonomic design of DUO BRUSH makes it easy to move around the pool.

The angle of the stainless steel handle has been refined to allow a natural, relaxed, upright position when brushing the pool - say goodbye to the back breaking maneuvers necessary with a conventional brush.        

Over 20,000 nylon bristles ensure that DUO BRUSH is the most effective pool brush. The fan layout of the bristles allow different portions of the brush to be used to clean different areas of the pool.

And it's effective

The bristles at the back do most of the work when brushing the pool wall.

The front and center bristles come into action as the DUO BRUSH transitions to the floor. The fan design ensures the bristles, unlike a conventional brush, do not collapse as the brush goes through the transition.

The rear bristles also allow the underside of the pool coping to be brushed.

The angled bristles at each end are unique; no other brush has bristles that extend beyond the brush frame. This makes it easy to access those tight areas and corners of the pool.

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