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Product Description


  • The net fabric is physically trapped between two layers of plastic due to the double-molding process, so it is not possible for the net and frame to separate
  • The FLEX-NET can fit any standard telescopic pole.
  • The swimming pool deep leaf net is built with a tough wishbone frame, making it strong and rigid.

The Red Leopard DEEP FLEXI-NET is, without a doubt, the most advanced swimming pool deep leaf net on the market today. It is capable of scooping up all types of debris from your pool, from large amounts that would break any other net, to those that have amassed on your pool’s floor, which are usually reserved for vacuums only. However, you won’t even need a vacuum with this flexible deep pool net. It does the job easily, quickly, and without using electricity!

Easy Flexing

The Red Leopard DEEP FLEXI-NET is aptly named because of its unique ability to bend easily to fit around obstacles and effortlessly bounce back to its original shape. It can bypass main drains, ladders, and steps to fight hard-to-reach dirt other brushes might miss. Say goodbye to countless hours spent reaching for leaves and twigs in all your pool’s nooks and crannies.

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