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Swimming Pool Cleaning Chemicals

The most important part of any maintenance routine for a swimming pool or spa is regular and consistent care with the right chemicals and supplies.

Maintaining the correct, yet delicate chemical balance in your water is an important part of your pool’s health. To keep your pool clear and healthy, we recommend treating its water with vital swimming pool cleaning chemicals like chlorine, filter cleaners, defoamers, deodorizers and surface cleaners.

Chlorine and More

The most well-known swimming pool cleaning chemical is chlorine. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and control algae growth in your pool water so that it is clean and safe for swimming. Along with other chemicals, it works to keep the walls and bottom of your pool clean. The proper amount of chlorine is key for a healthy pool. Too little chlorine will fail to control bacteria, while too much can cause red eyes and skin irritation for swimmers.

Aside from chlorine, there are other chemicals that should be added regularly. Defoamers are useful for warding off bacteria and ridding pool water of irritating foamy buildup. Deodorizers help keep water clean and free of odor from plant growth and foreign substances in the water. Filter cleaning chemicals are an important addition to ensure the maximum health of your filter, making sure that unwanted debris is done away with. All of these chemicals help keep both swimming pool and swimmers happy and healthy.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

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