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Oreq Inspiration L5 Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Brand: Oreq

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Product Description

Oreq Inspiration L5 Automatic Pool Cleaner Vacuum

If you own a pool or spa, you know all about fishing debris from the floor. The wind seems more than willing to blow all kinds of things your way - twigs, rocks, and leaves, for example - and it becomes your job to clean it up.

MKM Pool Spa wants to make cleaning your pool easier than ever before, thanks to this automatic pool cleaner vacuum from Oreq!

Economical and Easy To Use

The Oreq Inspiration L5 Automatic PoolCleaner is easy to install and even easier to use. No need for extra plumbing or a complicated set up - just attach the suction head to the hose and watch it get to work!

This automatic pool cleaner vacuum moves smoothly over your pool walls and floor, picking up dirt and debris along the way and leaving behind a beautiful, clean pool or spa.

Want To Learn More?

Our automatic pool cleaner vacuum is a great choice for any pool owner, whether you have an aboveground or inground pool. And when you buy it from MKM Pool Spa, you can be certain that you’ll get the lowest delivered price, guaranteed!

Do you have any questions for our team? Feel free to reach us by calling 980-328-3043 or sending an email to customerservice@mkmpoolspa.com.

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