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Omni Chlorine Stabilizer - 6 lb

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Product Description

Chlorine has been the go-to disinfectant for swimming pool owners for decades. In fact, you’ve probably used this chemical in your own pool -- but did you know that sunlight can burn the chlorine right out of your water? Evaporation is your enemy.

If you want to keep your chlorine levels stable, you need chlorine stabilizer for pools. This product will keep chlorine right where it is, so your pool stays clean and balanced for much longer.

  • Prevents chlorine residual loss due to sunlight
  • For use with chlorinated systems only

A Chlorine Stabilizer for The Pool

When you use this stabilizer, you’ll make the most of your pool’s chlorine. This saves you some of the cost of your primary cleaning pool chemical, as well as time from less frequent upkeep.

Omni Chlorine Stabilizer is 100% cyanuric acid, a pure and potent product. While this makes it very powerful for preserving the chlorine in your pool water, please handle with care and keep this product out of reach of children. It is safe when applied to pool water.

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