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Omni Chlorinating Stix - 50 lb

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Product Description

When it comes to pool care and maintenance, keeping your water clean is key. It’s important to invest in chemicals that keep water clean and balanced, starting with chlorine and other sanitizers.

At MKM Pool Spa, we believe that cleaning your pool should be as easy as it can. So clean your pool the easy way with Omni Stabilized Chlorine Stix -- a specially designed chlorine stick for your pool that adds chlorine slowly over time to keep it at optimum levels.

  • Compressed 8-ounce sticks
  • No Fillers
  • 90% available chlorine
  • For slow, even erosion in skimmers, automatic chlorinators or floaters

Chlorine Sticks for the Pool

The Omni Stabilized Chlorine Stix compresses 90% available chlorine into an 8-ounce stick. To use these, simply add the chlorine stick into your pool skimmer, floater, or automatic chlorinator and earn yourself peace of mind as the chlorine slowly dissolves over time.

As your skimmer floats in the pool, the chlorine stick will slowly release chlorine into the water. Just like that, your pool will have water that is clean, sanitized and safe for swimming!

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