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Omni Breakout Total - 25 lb

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Product Description

Is your pool looking dingy? Are algae sprouting on the steps? Getting the cleanest pool water calls for a powerful shock treatment to clear things up quickly and effectively -- like the Omni Breakout Total, a calcium hypochlorite shock oxidizer for your pool.

Omni Breakout Total is a fast-dissolving shock treatment that will kill algae, destroy organic contaminants, and clean your water, leaving you with a sparkling clean pool. Find it here from MKM Pool Spa to get this top-notch treatment at a great, low price!

  • No pre-dissolving
  • Shocks, clarifies, and oxidizes
  • Maintains brilliantly clear water
  • Destroys organic contaminants
  • For periodic superchlorination
  • Suitable for all pool surface types

Calcium Hypochlorite Shock Oxidizer

Omni Breakout Total makes treating your pool water fast and easy. There’s no need to pre-dissolve the product; simply add it to the water and let it get to work! This calcium hypochlorite shock oxidizer will destroy algae, as well as clarify and oxidize your water.

This product is safe for use on all pool types. However, it is considered a HazMat product, so make sure you will be home on the day it’s delivered. Signature receipt is required.

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