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Omni Algae Preventative - 1 qt

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Product Description

Nothing can ruin your afternoon dip in the pool faster than stepping into nasty, slimy algae. Sure, you can clean it up with algaecide -- but wouldn’t it be better to prevent algae before it starts growing?

At MKM Pool Spa, you can pick up products like Omni Algae Preventative. These pool algae prevention products are designed to keep your pool algae-free so you can have a better swimming experience!

  • Effective against the growth of all algae types
  • Compatible with all pool types
  • Helps maintain pool water clarity and sparkle
  • Non-staining

Stop Algae from Showing Up

Omni Algae Preventative is a 40% concentration of algaecide. Simply add this to your pool water to stop algae from growing and prevent it from coming back. This pool algae prevention product is non-staining, compatible with all pool types, and effective on all types of algae. Your pool water will look clear, sparkling clean, and algae-free.

All Your Favorite Pool Care Products

At MKM Pool Spa, we offer all three things to all our customers: great products, low prices, and expert advice from our staff! Whether you’re shopping for pool algae prevention or an all-purpose shock treatment, we’ll have it here for you.

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