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Nature2 SPA Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge

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Product Description

While more and more pool and spa owners are turning to healthier cleaning alternatives to chlorine, Nature2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge is a popular and cost efficient option. Everyone can agree that owning a spa is a wonderful and relaxing luxury. However, not everyone can agree on the subject of chlorine.

Keep Clean Without the Hassle

While chlorine is an extremely effective method of cleaning a pool or spa and killing harmful bacteria, viruses and algaes, it does not agree with all pool and spa users. Bathers with chlorine sensitivities must deal with red, irritated eyes, skin, and even rashes from too much exposure to the chemicals. Not only do chlorine chemicals affect the eyes and skin, but environmentalists know that, while chlorine is a naturally occurring chemical, it is known to have harmful effects on the environment in large quantities.

Many people believe that chlorine is necessary in order to maintain a clean and healthy pool or spa. However, with products such as MKM Pool Spa’s Nature2® Spa Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge Stick, spa owners can drastically reduce or even eliminate the use of potentially harmful chlorine from their home spas.

Combination Treatment

Nature2® SPA Stick kills bacteria, sanitizes spa water and improves water quality with various natural minerals, drastically reducing the need for chemicals like chlorine. In fact, when Nature2® SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer is used with Nature2 Cense virtually no chlorine or bromine is needed in your spa. Because of the reduction of potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant odors, this spa mineral sanitizer cartridge creates the perfect environment for people who are especially sensitive to chlorine, including children.

Nature2 SPA Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge is ECO friendly and safely and effectively destroys bacteria, reduces odors, red eyes and skin irritations. The spa mineral sanitizer cartridge only needs to be changed once every four months, and it is the most cost efficient option for spa mineral sanitizer cartridge on the market. In fact, MKM Pool Spa offer a low price guarantee, and is willing to match any competitor that has a lower price.

The Best Value For Cleaning and Maintenance

Owning a pool and spa is luxurious, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be expensive. MKM Pool and Spa is the leader in both quality and affordability in all pool and spa needs.

To maintain a beautiful and healthy pool and spa the easy and economical way, check out MKM Pool Spa for hundreds of excellent pool and spa products.


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