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Nature2 DuoClear / Fusion 25 Mineral Cartridge

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Product Description


  • Destroys bacteria and algae growth
  • Reduces chlorine use to just 0.5 ppm
  • Restores water clarity
  • Mineral Cartridge lasts six months
  • Fits DuoClear / Fusion vessels, for pools up to 25,000 gallons

Can you clean your pool without so much chlorine? It’s possible, thanks to the Nature2 Fusion Mineral cartridge. This mineral-based sanitizer keeps your water sparkling clean - even as you use up to 50% less chlorine! It’s so effective and easy to use, you’ll be wondering how you ever maintained the pool without it.

Nature’s Way to Clean Your Pool

The Nature2 Fusion Mineral cartridge cleans your pool water with natural ingredients like silver and copper. This minerals have been proven to have sanitizing qualities, and with Nature2’s mineral technology they become a quick and effective way to clean your pool without extra chlorine.

When you use the Fusion Mineral cartridge, you can enjoy crystal clear water without the harsh chemicals, chlorine smell, or floating debris. And when you buy your mineral cartridge from MKM Pool Spa, you’ll find that our low prices are the best available anywhere!

The Nature2 DuoClear / Fusion system with Controlled Release Technology (CRT) effectively sanitizes your pool. CRT automatically controls the release of silver and copper mineral ions into your pool water.

Low Prices and Great Products

Whether you’re looking for Nature2 Fusion Mineral Cartridges, some chlorinating tablets, or a simple pool skimmer, MKM Pool Spa is your one-stop shop for quality pool supplies at low prices!


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Fusion use with a standard chlorination system
Written by mike on 30th Apr 2014

Initially I thought that the fusion system was primarily for a salt base chlorinating system but I have found that even with a standard system I use less chorine with fewer highs and lows with regard to ppm of chemicals

Nature2 Cartridge
Written by undefined on 22nd Mar 2014

works very well

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