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Nature2 Cense Divine Secrets - 2 lb

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Product Description

Nature2 Cense Divine Secrets a non chlorine shock that delivers crystal clear spa water with the stress relieving benefits of aromatherapy. Devine Secrets is a tranquil, marine accord that combines lavender flowers blended with camellia and sheer green herbs, with vanilla, musk and precious woods to add depth to the scent.

Nature2 Cense oxygen infused aromas will change the way you view your spa or hot tub experience forever. Combining exquisite, subtle fragrances of aromatherapy with a powerful oxidizer, MPS. Cense leaves spa water cleaner and clearer. MPS, recommended by all major spa manufacturers, helps your sanitizer work more efficiently.

Unlike aromatherapy oils that can clog spa filters and create foam and scum, Cense is a powder and dissolves in water. The soft fragrance is not meant as a masking agent, but when used with Nature2 SPA, Cense replaces the oppressive odors of chlorine and bromine.


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