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Natural Chemistry Clear & Perfect - 8oz

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Product Description

Clear & Perfect is the most technologically advanced and scientifically superior pool water clarifier on the market today. The Ultimate 6-in-1 Clarifier! The six features are agglomeration, coagulation, floculation, adhesion, compaction and other clarifier performs all of these necessary functions.

Natural Chemistry®'s research and development department has engineered a clarifier that is specifically designed to work in the pool water environment.

The traditional approach is a single polymer clarifier that only works on certain particulate or matter in water. Clear & Perfect contains engineered multiple polymers that work on the billions of other substances found in pool water.

For example, most clarifiers work well on medium sized particles, but leave behind very small particles. Many of these are so small they can pass right through the filter. Clear & Perfect contains specialized polymers that turn these small particles into larger compact groups that can then be trapped by the filter or drop to the bottom of the pool. Even though these particles are very small, they are most often responsible for a hazy or cloudy pool. Clear & Perfect will provide you unsurpassed water clarity and brilliance in any situation. 

Natural Chemistry®'s Clear & Perfect will outperform any other clarifier...Guaranteed!

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