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GLB Granular Dichlor stabilized chlorine - 50 lb

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Product Description

Chlorine has been the go-to pool cleaner for many years. This is mostly due to its track record of eliminating waterborne bacteria. If you’re looking to clean up your pool, then use the cleaning agent trusted by pool owners everywhere—chlorine. At MKM pool spa, we offer professional quality cleaning agents that keep your water crystal clear and safe to swim in.

GLB Dichlor Pool Chlorine

The granular dichlor stabilized chlorine from GLB is great for people whose pools get a lot of use. These chlorine granules are gentle enough for everyday use, but also contain 56 percent chlorine—enough to keep your water bacteria free and safe.

No need to worry about those unsightly stains on your pool surface, either; this stabilized chlorine does not contain calcium, so it leaves no residue on your pool floor or wall tiles. With a fast-dissolving formula that is easy to use, this dichlor pool chlorine will easily become a part of your pool cleaning routine.


  • Fast-dissolving formula
  • Does not contain calcium

Routine Chlorination:
Broadcast 3 ounces per 10,000 gallons of pool water every other day or as often as needed to maintain chlorine residual at 1-3 ppm.

Ideal for daily chlorination.

Does not contain calcium.

Compatible With:

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