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GLB Filter Fresh filter cleaner - 1 qt

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Product Description


  • Removes debris from cartridge filters
  • Helps filter operate at maximum efficiency
  • Concentrated formula

We all want our pools to look clean and inviting, but when you’ve got a dirty, clogged filter, it’s hard to make that water clear and refreshing! This summer, make sure debris and dirt stay out of your filter with the GLB Filter Fresh.

This liquid cartridge cleaner is specially designed to remove debris overnight for a clean filter that runs like a dream. When you buy from MKM Pool Spa, you’ll get a full quart of this product at an amazing, low price.

A Clean and Fresh Filter

To use GLB Filter Fresh, simply add the product to a 2.5 gallon bucket of warm water. Remove your filter from your pool and let it soak in this mixture for 12 hours - that’s it! As it soaks, Filter Fresh will remove scale, rust, make up, oils, and other materials gunking up your filter. By the time it’s done soaking, your filter will be good as new.



  1. Remove your cartridge filter and rinse with clean water.
  2. Prepare Filter Fresh® solution by adding 16 oz. of GLB Filter Fresh® in a bucket filled with 2.5 gallons of warm water. DO NOT USE a galvanized aluminum or porcelain container for soaking. Always add Filter Fresh® to water, NOT water to Filter Fresh®.
  3. Place cartridge filter in solution and allow to soak overnight (12 hours). Remove filter after soaking and rinse thoroughly with clean water. If possible, allow cartridge filter to dry completely.

Compatible With

Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizer

Want To Learn More?

At MKM Pool Spa, our staff is also here to help answer all your questions. Want to know more about GLB Filter Fresh? Just give us a call!


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