Clor Mor® Tile & Vinyl Cleaner - 1 qt Sale

Clor Mor® Tile & Vinyl Cleaner - 1 qt

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Product Description

Clor Mor® Tile & Vinyl Cleaner - Removes and Prevents tile and vinyl stains
Body oils, suntan lotions, dirt and grime from outside exposure and mineral deposits combine to form dull films and scum lines on tile and vinyl, taking away the sparkle from your pool.
Clor Mor® Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is a proprietary blend of amines, organic and inorganic acids and surfactants that chemically dissolve stains from tile surfaces, returning the tile to its original clean shiny surface. This product also contains components which control plaster and grout attack.


  • Eliminates acid fumes – Tile N Vinyl Cleaner contains components that arrest fumes usually associated with acid cleaners.
  • Environmentally safe – All cleaning agents are biodegradable.
  • Sequesters metals and minerals – This product sequesters the material causing stains on tile and vinyl surfaces and holds them in solution.
  • Improved “Thick” formulation – The thickness of the cleaner is such that it clings to the surface being cleaned, even on vertical surfaces.
  • Non abrasive – Although the product contains acids, it does not damage the tile surface.
  • Preventative and cure – This product not only removes stains from tile and vinyl surfaces, but also helps prevent future stain formation.
  • Removes “Bathtub Ring” – Removes body oils, dirt and grime that form the “bathtub ring” on pool and spa walls.
  • No etching - Tile N Vinyl Cleaner controls etching of plaster surfaces.
  • Easy to use – Compared to other less effective tile cleaners, less scrubbing is required.

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