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ClearView Shimmer-N' Shock - 10 lb

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Product Description

Premium Sodium Dichlor Pool Shock

When it comes to treating swimming pools and spas, there are a lot of different chemicals available on the market. Sodium dichlor pool shock granules are a readily available form of stabilized pool shock treatment that you can trust to keep your pool water healthy, clear, and sanitary. Regular shock treatments will allow you to control algae growth, kill harmful bacteria, and free your water of other contaminants.

Fast-Dissolving Granular Chlorine from ClearView

If you’re looking for sodium dichlor pool shock with a fast-acting, residue-free formula, we’ve got you covered. ClearView Shimmer-N' Shock is an economical swimming pool shock treatment that is totally soluble, requires no pre-dissolving, and is conveniently packed in 10 lb pails. Whether you own a private, backyard pool, or you’re in charge of maintaining a large, municipal pool, this pool shock will make a great addition to your repertoire.

Features & Benefits

This long-lasting, sodium dichlor pool shock is composed of 99% sodium dichlor, and has 56% available chlorine. This product is perfect for vinyl-lined pools, above ground pools, hot tubs and spas. To keep your filters operating at maximum efficiency, and restore sparkle and clarity to your water, use this fast-acting Shimmer-N’ Shock from ClearView once a month in your swimming pool, and at least twice a month in warmer waters.


  • 99% sodium dichlor
  • Convenient 10 lb pail
  • Totally soluble 56% available chlorine
  • No pre-dissolving
  • No residue


  • Economical shock treatment
  • Restores sparkle and clarity to dull water
  • Perfect for vinyl-lined or above ground pools

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