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ClearView Scent-Trific Jumbo Tabs - 50 lb

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Product Description

You always can tell when someone’s been swimming. Whether they’ve been to a water park, public pool, or simply in their own backyard, there’s a certain scent around them after they’ve taken a dip. This smell is well known among pool owners, too - it’s the chemical scent of chlorine.

Don’t you wish there was a way to eliminate this chemical odor? Well, with ClearView’s Scent-Trific jumbo chlorinating tablets, you can! These tablets are the world’s first low-odor chlorine option, which makes them a hit for those of us who can’t stand another whiff.

Scent-Trific Chlorinating Tablets




  • 99% premium grade trichlor
  • World's first low odor chlorine in a lemon fresh scent package
  • Individually wrapped 8oz tab
  • No gummy binders




  • Reduced odor
  • Safe, clean water
  • No film, clogging of skimmers, chlorinators or filters
  • Ensures safe, sanitary, sparkling water


Inside this 50-pound plastic tub, ClearView has individually-wrapped chlorine tablets in a floral scent package. These ClearView tablets are made from 99% trichlor, which makes them incredibly effective sanitizers for your pool.

Not only will you get clean, sparkling water, ClearView’s tablets fully dissolve for a film-free water that won’t clog your filter or skimmer! Best of all, these Scent-Trific chlorinating tablets promise a reduced chemical odor.

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No clorine smell
Written by undefined on 5th Jun 2014

used it in the past could not find it for a while you don't know you miss something till its gone! Great Product glad to have it back. MKM had a great price and free shipping and was delivered to me in a timely fashion

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