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ClearView Scent-Trific Jumbo Tabs - 25 lb

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Product Description

Chlorine is a vital component for pool and spa maintenance. It kills harmful bacteria, germs, and other organic contaminants lurking below the surface, and it restores sparkle and clarity to dull water. However, most chlorine also has a downside: it gives your pool water a very distinctive chemical odor.

If you’re in the market for a reliable, low-maintenance chlorine solution that boasts a reduced odor, you’ll love these slow-dissolving Scent-Trific trichlor chlorine tablets from ClearView.

Full Strength Chlorine Without the Full Strength Smell

Scent-Trific Jumbo Tabs are designed for full strength chlorine power, without the full-strength chlorine smell. These trichlor chlorine tablets are made with premium 99% stabilized trichlor, are individually wrapped, and are the world's first low odor chlorine tablet to come in a fresh lemon scent package. Each 8-ounce tablet is free of gummy binders, which can create a film on the surface of your water and clog your skimmers, chlorinators, and filters. Add these slow-dissolving, low-odor tablets to your regular maintenance routine for safe, sanitary pool without the smell.


  • 99% premium grade trichlor
  • World's first low odor chlorine in a lemon fresh scent package
  • Individually wrapped 8 oz tabs
  • No gummy binders


  • Reduced odor
  • Safe, clean water No film, clogging of skimmers, chlorinators or filters
  • Ensures safe, sanitary, sparkling water

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