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ClearView Quat POWER Non-Metallic Algaecide - 1 Qt

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Product Description

Where’s there’s water, there’s usually algae - unless you have a great algaecide. Keep your pool sparkling clean with ClearView Quat POWER! This non-metallic algaecide uses ammonium chloride to eliminate slime algae and prevent more from blooming in your pool water.




  • 48.8% dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
  • Active in range of pH
  • Non-metallic




  • Controls the growth of algae slime
  • Increases sanitizers efficiency
  • Improves water quality

The Algaecide Power

With 48.8 percent of the active ingredient ammonium chloride, this non-metallic algaecide is one of the most efficient algae cleaners around. It is effective over a range of pH balances, making it safe for just about any type of pool.

ClearView Quat POWER also works to increase your sanitizer’s efficiency, actively improving your water quality as it works! This non-metallic algaecide is a great way to clean up your pool after a long period of disuse (like the fall and winter seasons), or even as a quick cleaner when you first notice any algae growth.

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clears and keeps biting bugs out!
Written by in California on 6th Oct 2014

We had a problem with tiny black bees biting us. This product keeps them away and when bees or wasps do land they die quickly.

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