ClearView Phos-Boss MAX - 1/2 gal  -  PBML05G6

ClearView Phos-Boss MAX - 1/2 gal

Brand: ClearView
UPC: 687695141609
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Product Description

ClearView Phos-Boss MAX is a professional strength phosphate reducer that reduces pool phosphate levels to below 100 ppb.


  • Professional10X concentrated strength
  • Inherently stable with an indefinite shelf life under normal circumstances
  • Chelates and coagulates phosphates
  • Works immediately with or without circulation
  • Lowers phosphates to under 100 ppb
  • 150% more effective than leading phosphate remover


  • Substantially lowers algae food source
  • Improves sanitizer effectiveness
  • Reduces need for shocks, algaecides and other measures


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