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ClearView Mineral Magnet - 1 qt

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Product Description

ClearView Mineral Magnet

When calcium levels are too high in your pool water, you wind up with unsightly scaling that can ruin the beautiful look of your pool walls. Similarly, an excess of metals in your water can leave stains on the walls and floor that simply detract from the pool’s aesthetic. What can you do about it? Try a strong pool scale and stain remover, like ClearView Mineral Magnet!


  • Professional strength
  • Chelates and coagulates minerals
  • Removes metals from pool water
  • Removes stains from surfaces and equipment
  • Lowers calcium hardness
  • Prevents staining
  • Removes scale


  • Promotes sparkling clear water
  • Lowers maintenance costs

How It Works

This pool scale and stain remover chelates and coagulates minerals in your pool water, helping to draw unwanted metal or calcium from the water. In doing so, it also lifts old scaling or metal stains and works to prevent staining in the future. This not only makes your pool look like new, it will save you money on maintenance in the long run!

The Mineral Magnet is made by ClearView, a trusted name in pool and spa chemicals.

If you have questions about the ClearView Mineral Magnet, our other pool scale and stain removers, or any of our other products, MKM Pool Spa is here for you!


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Mineral Magnet Review
Written by Dennis F on 11th Jul 2019

Excellent product. Does the trick quickly and doesn't mess up any of the pool mineral levels.

It really works
Written by Dennis Fonseca on 19th Jul 2017

Green water turned clear in a couple of hours. Great product.

Worked as Hoped
Written by Dennis Fonseca on 4th Jul 2017

Product cleared the green water and removed much of my stain in a few hours.

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