ClearView Jumbo Tabs 3" - 35 lb  -  TL035U Sale

ClearView Jumbo Tabs 3" - 35 lb

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Brand: ClearView
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Product Description

To keep your pool water crystal clear and safe, it’s vital that you pay close attention to your water chemistry. Without the right balance of chlorine, your water can become a breeding ground for bacteria, or—on the opposite side of the spectrum—too acidic for safe use. If you’re looking for a reliable product that will give you the perfect balance of daily chlorination, these slow-dissolving, 3-inch trichlor tablets will become your go-to.

The Ultimate Low-Maintenance Chlorine Solution

Each bucket of ClearView Jumbo Tabs contains 35 pounds of stabilized, 3-inch trichlor tablets. ClearView Jumbo Tabs are made with 99% trichlor, and boast 90% active available chlorine. Because they slowly dissolve over time, they kill bacteria, germs, and other organic contaminants around the clock, with little to no maintenance required. Also, because each tablet is hard-pressed (no gummy binders needed!), you don’t have to worry about residues clogging your skimmers, chlorinators, and filters.


  • 99% trichlor
  • No gummy binders
  • Hard-pressed tabs


  • Safe, clean water
  • No film, or clogging of skimmers, chlorinators, and filters

Everything You Need, Prices You Deserve

These 3-inch trichlor tablets pair perfectly with automatic, erosion-type chlorine tablet feeders, skimmers, and floaters. At MKM Pool Spa, we’re proud to carry the high-quality ClearView Jumbo Chlorine Tabs and chlorinators you need, at the lowest prices in the industry. Stock up today, and all orders of $50.00 or more qualify for free shipping. Because this item is considered a HazMat, a signature is required for delivery.


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