ClearView Jumbo Tab 3" - Individual  -  CVTLCR048
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ClearView Jumbo Tab 3" - Individual

Brand: ClearView
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Product Description


ClearView 3-inch Jumbo Tabs have some distinct features that only add to their proven effectiveness.

  • The tabs are free from gummy binders to further clog your pool.
  • They are 99% trichlor, a substance that is safe, yet kills algae and bacteria on contact.
  • Each product is made molded hard-pressed tabs, to prevent breakage and accidental ingestion

These bacteria-fighting and algae-controlling tabs are individually wrapped and are sold separately. ClearView 3-Inch Jumbo Tabs are made from stabilized 99% trichlor that eliminates bacteria on contact once the product is dissolved in the water of your swimming pool.

Key Benefits

You and your family can rest easy knowing that these ClearView 3-inch Jumbo Tabs reduce and eliminate harmful bacteria, keeping your pool water 100% clean and safe. Clean water is an important element of a safe, relaxing summer hanging out in the pool. Investing in hard-working, convenient products ensures that you’ll never have a hard time maintaining your pool! Say goodbye to clogged filters, skimmers, and chlorinators with these easy-to-use 3-inch tablets.

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