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ClearView Calcium Increaser - 25 lb

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Product Description

ClearView Calcium Increaser - 25 lb

Pool calcium increaser effectively raises the water hardness in your pool. This one simple treatment will do wonders, preventing corrosion and etching along the metal components in your pool. In fact, ClearView’s calcium increaser for pools will even protect heater components so you can take a refreshing dip even on the chilliest winter evenings.


  • Active ingredients - calcium chloride
  • Effectively raises hardness


  • Prevents corrosion on all metal parts
  • Prevents etching
  • Protects heater elements


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Calcium Increaser
Written by Chris on 12th May 2016

The only problem with this was it had pretty large chunks of it stuck together, but as long as the water temp is warm enough it still dissolved. Just not as fast as it would have had it been a little better quality. But hey i guess it works just as good as any and this was the BEST price i could find on the net or locally! Plus a very nice resealable bucket for future use!

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