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ClearView Calcium Increaser - 10 lb

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Product Description

Calcium Hardness Increaser For Pools

No matter where your pool is located, you can count on environmental factors influencing the quality of your pool water. From fallen leaves and outdoor debris to airborne dust particles and contaminants brought in on swimmers’ bathing suits—there’s a good reason pools have filtration systems. However, in addition to regular cleaning and water filtration, pools also need to have a proper balance of acidity, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

Protect Your Pool & Your Equipment

If your pool was has a low calcium content, you run the risk of damaging your pool walls, ladder, cleaning equipment, heating element and filtration system. Why? Soft water (pool water with a calcium deficiency) is lacking in minerals, and in an attempt to obtain the calcium it needs, it becomes corrosive.

If an adequate water hardness level is not reached quickly, it can leave a lot of damage in its wake. To harden your pool water fast, trust our calcium hardness increaser for pools from MKM Pool Spa to do the job. This ClearView calcium increaser for pools effectively raises the water hardness level of pool water, and prevents etching and corrosion on all metal parts.


  • Active ingredients - calcium chloride
  • Effectively raises hardness


  • Prevents corrosion on all metal parts
  • Prevents etching Protects heater elements

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