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ClearView Bromo Tabs - 50 lb

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Product Description

Are you looking for a way to clean your pool without using much chlorine? The folks at ClearView have just what you need - swimming pool bromine tablets! These dissolvable tabs will leave your pool water sparkling clean, so you can enjoy your afternoon swim.

Sanitize with Bromine Tablets

ClearView’s bromine tablets for the swimming pool are a fast and simple way to sanitize and disinfect your pool water. These one-inch tablets contain 96% bromine in a slow-dissolving formula.

Simply pop one into your pool skimmer and watch as your water becomes clean, crystal clear, and free of that classic chlorine odor! With a 50-lb tub from MKM Pool Spa, you’ll have enough tablets to last all summer long.


  • 96% bromine
  • Slow dissolving


  • Ensure safe, sanitary, sparkling water
  • Reduced chlorine odor

Any Questions?

At MKM Pool Spa, our pool and spa maintenance experts are always happy to help our customers. Looking for advice on the best pool vacuum? We’ve got your back! Not sure how to use your new ClearView swimming pool bromine tablets? We’ll walk you through it! No matter what it is you need, we’re here to share our expertise.


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