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ClearView Algaecure - 2 lb

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Product Description

Microscopic algae spores are present in even the most well-maintained pools and spas, and under the right conditions, they can bloom in just a few short hours. If you start to see black spots growing in your pool, you’re likely dealing with a case of black algae - and you need to act fast. The longer your nuisance goes without treatment, the harder it will be to eliminate. Take back your pool or spa with ClearView Algaecure algaecide.

Stop Black Algae Infiltration in Its Tracks

ClearView Algaecure algaecide is granular 99% trichlor chlorine, and it is the leading solution for black algae removal in white plaster swimming pools. Algaecure doubles as an effective super chlorinator and an effective algaecide for black algae, so you can take care of two birds with one stone. For safe, sanitary, sparkling water, stop algae infiltration in its tracks with ClearView Algaecure.


  • 99% trichlor


  • Can be used as an effective super chlorinator
  • Effective algaecide for black algae in white plaster swimming pools
  • Ensures safe, sanitary, sparkling water

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At MKM Pool Spa, we ensure that every customer has access to the pool and spa essentials they need for a sanitary and enjoyable environment. Even if you’re just taking preventative measures, stock up on our ClearView Algaecure algaecide today. Having a reliable backup for your normal sanitation routine will give you the peace of mind you both desire and deserve.


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