ClearView Aqua Flex Pool Vacuum Hose - 1 1/4" x 25 ft  -  VH1425 Sale

Classic Aqua Flex Pool Vacuum Hose - 1 1/4" x 25 ft

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Brand: Oreq
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Product Description

Classic Aqua Flex 1¼ Inch Pool Vacuum Hose

Every pool owner has been there: you’ve got your vacuum or skimmer in hand, reaching with all of your might, but you can’t clear away some debris that is just out of reach. Wouldn’t it be great if you had something to help you with those hard-to-reach spots? At MKM Pool Spa has exactly what you need: the 1¼ inch Aqua Flex pool vacuum hose from Oreq.

The Essential Tool For Cleaning Your Pool

ClearView’s Aqua Flex 1¼ inch pool vacuum hose is 25 feet long. With this durable vacuum hose, designed to attach to your existing pool vacuum, you get the length needed to clean your pool completely. While a pool’s circulation system is its own “vacuum,” a pool owner can simply attach this hose to the return line in their skimmers. This creates the necessary suction for directing dirt and other debris into a pool filter. A brush head can also be attached to help scrub off algae and other debris that may cling to pool walls. Clear away leaves, dirt, and other debris easily with this tool, and coil it up for easy storage when you’re done; with this vacuum hose in your supply closet, you can have a perfectly clean pool all year long.

Low Prices On Pool Supplies

At MKM Pool Spa, we want our customers to save money on everything they need for their pool or spa. That’s why we offer low prices on every item in our store, including our Classic Aqua Flex 1¼ inch pool vacuum hose!


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