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Chlorine levels, bromine levels, pH balance, and total alkalinity are phrases that seem more at home in a chemistry lab than on the pool deck. However, it’s actually quite important that pool owners keep their water balanced and clean. Too much or too little of one chemical (like chlorine, for example) can make water unsafe for swimming.

So, how can you tell whether or not your pool is clean and safe? By testing it! MKM Pool Spa offers a variety of pool and spa test strips from Taylor Technologies, an industry leader in pool and spa maintenance. With their high-quality testing supplies, you can easily maintain that perfect chemical or mineral balance in your water.

The Best Pool and Spa Test Strips

With Taylor Technologies’ “dip and read” system, you can get full results in your pool or spa water in a matter of seconds. Simply dip a pool and spa test strip into the water, then watch as the strip changes colors. Each color will tell you the level of a particular chemical, helping you too see what may be needed to keep your water safe and balanced.

MKM Pool Spa offers Taylor Technologies’ SureTrack-4 and SureTrack-6 test strips, which test for either 4 or 6 of the major chemicals in your water, respectively. These strips come in an airtight container and last for up to 24 months. With 50 strips per container, you can use each set of pool and spa test strips time and time again.

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