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If you own both a pool and spa, you’ve likely noticed that the two are quite different when it comes to maintenance. This is primarily because the treatment that works for a cold water pool may not work for a hot tub. Varying temperatures attract different kinds of bacteria and microorganisms, which means pools and spas often require more specialized treatments.

With these needs in mind, Rendezvous Spa Specialities creates products intended specifically for hot tubs. From pH balancers to cover-treating cleansers, these solutions are the ultimate in spa care and maintenance. With these cleansers at your disposal, you’ll have a sparkling clean, relaxing space where everyone will want to take a dip!

Chemically Clean

Spa water is susceptible to film and foam if it isn’t cared for properly. To address this concern, Rendezvous Spa Specialities uses targeted formulas to treat specific problems in your water’s chemistry. Are dirt and body oils creating suds on the surface? Use Foam Out to dissolve the impurities and clear away the foam. Are low calcium levels eating away at your spa’s walls? Calcium Hardness Up will set your water straight. With easy-to-use, effective products, you can spend less time reading instructions and more time soaking and unwinding.

Get Your Order Filled - Fast

At MKM Pool Spa, we know that when you need pool and spa supplies, you need them quickly. That’s why we offer fast shipping via FedEx Ground, FedEx Smart Post, or USPS, with many orders shipped within two business days.

Do you have questions about Rendezvous Spa Specialities products? What about any of our other pool and spa supplies? Our customer service team will be happy to help you with any questions or comments. Call 980-328-3043, email customerservice@mkmpoolspa.com for general questions, or email techhelp@mkmpoolspa.com for technical support. We look forward to helping you keep your spa water clean and clear!