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Pleatco is an industry leader when it comes to filters and filter accessories for pools and spas. Utilizing some of the most innovative engineering and technology, Pleatco’s replacement cartridges work around the clock to ensure your pool is crystal clear and free of debris. Additionally, Pleatco hot tub filters maintain your spa’s health and clarity, allowing you to focus on enjoying countless hours of hassle-free time in your pool or spa.

As always, when you order Pleatco products from us, you’re investing in a comprehensive system that includes the industry’s leading free flow cores, advanced media filtration fabric, bands, and end caps. We’re proud to provide these filtration solutions to you at the best value available online.

Leaders in Pool and Spa Technology

Pleatco leads the way in pool and spa maintenance devices and technology. With advanced Pleatco replacement cartridges, you can be sure that your pool is being cleaned expertly, with rapid turbidity reduction, comprehensive dirt capture technology, and superior holding capacity that work cohesively to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning and servicing your filters.

With advanced, fluid engineering, no other filter cartridge comes close. Trust Pleatco for reduced maintenance time, lower pressure and energy consumption, and greater flow for your pool or spa.

Innovative Free Flow Core Technology

At the heart of Pleatco’s filter replacement cartridges is their innovative core design. While other brands use only a few holes drilled into PVC pipes, Pleatco’s revolutionary design utilizes wider, more porous surface area to allow for better flow. This increases filter efficiency tenfold and ultimately makes it easier to move water through the entire cartridge with ease.

Advanced Media Filtration

Along with their engineered, Free Flow core design, Pleatco replacement filter cartridges and spa filters utilize the best antimicrobial media, which efficiently serves as the filtration surface among all Pleatco products. Each media unit uses only the highest-quality spun bound polyester to ensure sanitary filtration.

Antimicrobial Technology

Our Pleatco ADVANCED models feature antimicrobial technology designed to provide a new dimension to filtration for your pool or spa. With our advanced Pleatco hot tub filters and pool cartridges, each filter uses an exclusive antimicrobial agent that’s engineered into the fabric itself. This stops microbial growth in its tracks and provides long-term, effective protection for your pool or spa’s filter.


While Pleatco designs the most efficient and effective solutions for pools, this industry leader also specializes in filtration solutions that can tackle the varied temperatures and intense propulsion make spas enjoyable and relaxing. If you’re searching for the best way to keep your spa or hot tub clean, consider our lineup of Pleatco cartridges, flossers, and more, specially designed and selected for your cleaning needs.

Performance, Durability, and Longevity

Pleatco leads the way for spa and pool filtration. With their advanced antimicrobial technology and engineered free flow cores, everything about Pleatco replacement cartridges and spa filters is designed to make your leisure time more enjoyable and relaxing. To learn more about our complete collection of Pleatco products for your spa or pool, please call us at 980-328-3043 or reach us online at