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    Omni Pool Chemicals

    MKM Pool Spa offers a huge variety of Omni pool chemicals. Omni provides pool and spa owners with important, easy-to-use chemicals that help you achieve the delicate chemical balance to keep your pool healthy, such as calcium increasers, alkalinity increasers and chlorine stabilizers. Above all, Omni’s products work to adjust pool and spa water chemistry for maximum water health, sanitizing effectiveness and water clarity.

    pH Balance Made Easy

    Among the most effective and user-friendly Omni pool chemical is the Omni Calcium Increaser. Pool water that does not contain enough calcium hardness becomes aggressive and fluctuates often, making it very difficult to maintain the balance of other chemicals. Maintaining the proper level of calcium hardness in swimming pool water is important to prevent corrosion of the pool. The Omni Calcium Increaser raises calcium levels in your pool water and increases water hardness. This protects the surfaces of your swimming pool or spa and prevents etching of plaster and wrinkling of liners.

    Most pool owners know that pH balance is a vital component of the health and function of pool and spa water. A pH imbalance can be harmful to a pool and cause corrosion of important equipment or cause damage to the surfaces of swimming pools.

    Maintaining this delicate balance along with other chemical treatments doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right products, you can avoid a great deal of hassle. Consider effective solutions like the easy-to-use Omni Alkalinity Increaser. This particular Omni pool chemical has the important job of raising the overall alkalinity of pool water. This helps to eliminate “pH bounce” and general chemical imbalance. The Omni Alkalinity Increaser is a simple granular formula that is compatible with all pool types.

    Chlorine Stabilizer

    Chlorine is one of the most important sanitation chemicals in a pool or spa. It is no surprise that the Omni Chlorine Stabilizer is one of the most popular Omni pool chemicals sold at MKM Pool Spa. The Omni Chlorine Stabilizer makes it easy to achieve and maintain the perfect chlorine balance in your pool and spa, ensuring that it is high enough to ward off bacteria and algae but not so high that it causes irritation to swimmers’ skin, eyes, and hair. Its primary function is to prevent the loss of residual chlorine due to overexposure to sunlight. This chlorine stabilizer is composed of 100% cyanuric acid.

    The Right Chemicals For The Lowest Prices

    Using Omni pool chemicals makes achieving the right chemical balance an easy and attainable goal. Along with these great products, we carry dozens of Omni products at the most affordable prices possible, guaranteed. For expert customer service, high-quality brands and low prices, shop for pool chemicals and any other pool and spa products with us online.