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Aqua Silk

The Aqua Silk pool chemicals are used as a sanitizing kit to keep the water in your pool or spa clear, clean and soft. Aqua Silk® is unique and different than many other swimming pool sanitizers available because it is chlorine free.

Chlorine is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the upkeep of a pool or spa. While chlorine is an extremely effective method of cleaning and eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and algaes, it is not suitable for all pool and spa users. Bathers with chlorine sensitivities must deal with red, irritated eyes, skin, and even rashes from too much exposure to the chemicals. Not only do chlorine chemicals affect the eyes and skin, but environmentalists know that while chlorine is a naturally occurring chemical in low doses, it is known to have harmful effects on the environment in large quantities.

While many people consider chlorine to be necessary in order to maintain a clean and healthy pool or spa, there are a variety of alternative swimming pool sanitizers available. Aqua Silk’s alternative solutions can help pool and spa owners can drastically reduce or even eliminate the use of potentially harmful chlorine from their home pools and spas.

Chlorine-Free Solutions

Aqua Silk’s swimming pool sanitizer system is an easy, chlorine-free way to sanitize your pool and achieve soft, clear, more comfortable water. When used properly, the Aqua Silk pool care system sanitizes the water and keeps it sparkling clear.

MKM Pool Spa has several different Aqua Silk pool chemicals on stock, including algaecide, chlorine-free sanitizer and chlorine-free shock oxidizer. When used together as a swimming pool sanitizing kit, these three products provide some of the most effective chlorine-free pool treatments available.

One of the most important steps to the Aqua Silk Chlorine-Free pool care system is adding Aqua Silk Algaecide. This powerful algaecide is effective against green, black and mustard algae as well as unsightly slime deposits. Next, the chlorine-free sanitizer is important in cleaning pool water and reducing the risk of bacteria without the use of harmful chlorine. The chlorine-free shock oxidizer is used to burn away organic matter or plant growth in a pool.

Aqua Silk Pool Chemicals

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