Big Gobbler Pool Vacuum  -  VH2236 Big Gobbler Pool Vacuum  -  VH2236 Sale
Big Gobbler Pool Vacuum  -  VH2236 Big Gobbler Pool Vacuum  -  VH2236

Big Gobbler Pool Vacuum

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Brand: Oreq
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Product Description

Cleaning your pool from any leaves or debris is a necessary, although tiresome, duty when you’re a pool or spa owner. When you don’t have the time to clean the pool yourself, or simply want an easier solution, you can turn to the Big Gobbler pool vacuum. Now, cleaning unwanted pool debris is easier than ever!

This revolutionary vacuum effectively cleans the floor of your pool. All you have to do is connect your Big Gobbler pool vacuum to a water hose and a standard pool pole, gently guide it along the bottom, and let it get to work. The vacuum is equipped with a simple silt bag, which is great for catching leaves and other debris that has drifted to the pool floor. With the vacuum at your side, cleaning the pool is no longer a boring chore. Just connect it and watch as the leaves are vacuumed into the bag!

Big Gobbler, Little Cost

At MKM Pool Spa, we know that caring for your pool shouldn’t have to drain your bank account; that’s why we offer the lowest prices around for all your pool and spa maintenance products. If you see a lower price somewhere, just let us know—we will happily match it so you can get your quality spa cleaner for little cost.


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Written by Trey French on 20th Aug 2017

Amazing device!, although it arrived missing one of the curved set of brushes. Meant for a flat surface, but with some practice, works great on the uneven bottom of my coy pond :-)

Written by Teresa on 10th Jun 2016

Regular vacuuming sends all water out of the pool, which hot weather and regular use do already. The Big Gobbler vacuum system allows you to put water in and it stays in by sending the debris into the bag to easily be dumped out when done. Greatest invention ever for pool sweeping!

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