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AquaPill 73 - SolarPill 2

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Product Description

It’s happened to all of us: you hop into your swimming pool on a nice, sunny morning, only to discover that the water is freezing! The fact is that your pool loses heat all the time and especially during the night thanks to good old evaporation.

If you use the AquaPill Solar Pill, you can prevent evaporation and retain the heat in your swimming pool. This solar pill for pools creates an invisible layer on the water’s surface, trapping heat so you can swim comfortably.

Prevent Evaporation the Easy Way

The AquaPill Solar Pill is designed for pools up to 12,000 gallons -- and it’s incredibly easy to use. Simply drop the pill into your pool’s skimmer then the pill will automatically release an ultra-thin protective layer over the water.

This solar pill for pools lasts up to one month, preventing evaporation and reducing heat and chemical loss. With one simple step, the AquaPill helps you save money on pool chemicals and extends the length of your swimming season!

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